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The story behind Yoo'tawk

Yoo'tawk was developed to create the best possible learning environment 

with the help of a team of native speakers and exceptional language coaches.


Yoo'tawk is managed by Irene Koren

"Hello, I'm Irene and languages are part of my whole life.


I grew up in a bilingual Slovenian-Flemish environment, studied languages in a bilingual city and at twenty-two I spoke six languages.

Quickly after graduating, I realised that languages are important but business acumen and industry knowledge even more, so I took up an extra degree in business administration.

My passion for languages and business brought me to strategic consulting. I did projects in various industries in various countries and continents both for McKinsey &  Company and Roland Berger.

In 2011 I started my own business to support strategic decision makers with up-to-date market insights. Through various projects, I learned about the business models of language education. I noticed that there are many exceptional language schools in Belgium. Only a few language courses are fully tailored to the needs of people that have a full-time job. Most programmes require a lot of class hours and use little or no free online tools and apps to speed up the learning process.

It did not take long before I realised that my skills gained as a researcher and insights expert could make language courses more relevant. It took me some time to come up with the idea of Yoo'tawk. The preparation involved lots of reading on neurolinguistics and market studies on language education for adults. To understand the value of traditional methods and online tools I interviewed language students and language teachers in Belgium and abroad. I tested my methodology with expats in business and health care, entrepreneurs and employees in bi-lingual companies. 

Once I was sure that my methodology worked, I set up Yoo'tawk.”

"Contact me if you or your team want to become fluent in Dutch, French, English or German

with Yoo'tawk and its team of native speakers."

Legal mentions

Yoo'tawk is the commercial name of


Insensis bvba

3500 Hasselt
Company number BE 0834.863.558.

Managing Partner Irene Koren

Telephone: +32 468 200 218

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