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New language, new opportunities

Yoo'tawk is for everyone that wants to learn a language

in the most natural way​!

Yoo’tawk helps businesses to build stronger intercultural teams. 

Language and culture classes - from beginners to advanced level. For individuals and groups. 

We help you learn and improve your Dutch, French, German or English.

The Yoo'tawk approach enables language acquisition in a faster, more efficient and effective way.

Advantages for learners

Boost your confidence

Step by step

Speaking a new language requires courage.

Use our unique program to listen, read and interact and you’ll find it easier to talk in a confident way.

You practice with native speakers and experienced language coaches. You widen your comfort zone step-by-step.


Content and form

Relevant for you

We speak your language and offer highly relevant study materials. You receive a list of authentic and targeted materials across audio, video and text, for learning that fits in with your life.

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Online and offline

Whenever & wherever you want

We encourage the use of apps, online and offline content and tools. 
​The best way to learn a new language is to experience it in daily life.

We’ve designed our courses to ensure you spend as little as time in a classroom setting as possible.


Instead you experience the language and culture in real life.


"Having fun helps you talk!
We can’t make language learning easy,

but we definitely can make it fun!"

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