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Zero to Hero

From beginners to advanced


  • face to face classes

  • a personal helpline for all your questions about French 

  • motivational tips

  • suggesions for online and offline tools that will help you become fluent at a faster pace.  

Small Talk

French for every day 


  • immersion in conversation techniques French

  • real life exercises with native speakers

  • tips on conversation topics

  • sentences to keep the conversation going without saying too much yourself

  • how to react when you don't understand  what others say

  • dealing with taboos

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My French

French in your profession


  • face to face classes

  • introduction to your industry or functional vocabulary (finance, sales, HR, technical, health, business, industry, services,...)

  • targeted materials across audio, video and text

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Oui & Oui
Negotiating in French

  • introduction to negotiation techniques

  • exercises to practice your negotiation skills with French speakers

  • inspirational video and audio material




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